Roseberry Topping

Distinctive and iconic landmark with fine views across North Yorkshire and Cleveland.

At A Glance

Roseberry Topping is an iconic landmark at the edge of North Yorkshire bordering Cleveland.

The name Roseberry Topping derives from Othenesberg, Old Norse for the hill of Odin, named by the Scandinavian invaders. In 1703 the Earldom of Rosebery — despite its slightly different spelling — was created by Queen Anne in recognition of Sir Archibald Primrose’s support for William of Orange. The name was chosen as the Primrose family owned land near Roseberry Topping, and thought the name “Roseberry” had a good sound to it.

Roseberry Topping has gradually lost height over the centuries due to erosion and quarrying of its landscape cap. Most drastically was the rockfall in 1912 which gave the hill its characteristic profile we are familiar with today. In recent times tourism has greatly increased. The three main routes to the summit have all been paved with stone to control erosion.

The hill is 320m high and has many different tracks and footpaths heading off to various surrounding landmarks such as Captain Cooks Monument.

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Engraving of Roseberry Topping
Engraving from 1881, showing a view from the present Guisborough Road.


The only way to the top is by... walking! Roseberry Topping has many footpaths and trails heading to the tip. The hill also has many routes leading to and from the surrounding areas. For a longer walk you can walk from Roseberry Topping to Captain Cook’s monument and beyond, or in the opposite direction towards Guisborough.

Newton-under-Roseberry sits at the foot of Roseberry Topping and has a small car park and restaurant, The Kings Head Inn, making it an ideal place to start for both short and long walks. Roseberry Topping can get busy on nice days so the car park and small lay-by can often get full.

The National Trust have put together a great set of walks for Roseberry Topping.

Newton Wood Walk

Hard Difficulty
1 hour
2 miles (3.2km)

Captain Cook’s Monument

Hard Difficulty
4 - 5 hours
7.5 miles (12km)

Great Ayton Station

Moderate Difficulty
1 hour 30 minutes
4 miles (6.4km)

Wildlife Walk

Moderate Difficulty
1 hour 30 minutes
3.3 miles (5.3km)


There is paid parking available as well as toilet facilities.

In additional to the paid parking there is a small lay-by which is free to park in.

If you fancy a drink or something to eat after climbing Roseberry Topping you can visit The Kings Head Inn. Their car park is free to use for customers (even if you climb Roseberry Topping beforehand).

The car park and pub are situated in Newton-under-Roseberry on the road that cuts through the village — you won’t miss them!

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