Yorkshire is our favourite British county; after all, we live here.

But seriously. Yorkshire is the UK’s largest county and every year over 100 million people visit here. And with good reason. Yorkshire has moors, seaside resorts, national parks, towns and cities amongst many other attractions spread across its almost 3,000,000 acres of land.

As a bunch of creatives we set out to create Look Yorkshire. A website that aims — one day — to highlight the best parts of Yorkshire and the attractions that you need to visit and experience.

Look Yorkshire is a huge project for us — Yorkshire is a big place — but this is what we love to do and we hope that you enjoy browsing through our site as we put all of our time and passion into it.

We’re not perfect, so there will be mistakes. We need your help to keep the content up-to-date so that other people can benefit from accurate and helpful information. Please drop us a line on our contact page if you see any mistakes!

Look Yorkshire Team